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Venus Travel Hoi An is our spiritual child which was established by a group of friends who have participated in tourism activities in Vietnam for over 10 years. Not only do we work in tourism industry but we are also those who own an enthusiastic heart to travel and explore Vietnam and Indochina countries, and we would like to become the very first persons to share our travel experience to all tourists who love to travel, especially those visiting Vietnam and Indochina countries.
If you come to visit Vietnam for the first time with little information provided by social networks or those who used to experience time in Vietnam, why don’t you choose our Venus Travel as a consultant and tour designer for your amazing trip? We will definitely provide all the best services included in your trip to offer you the best tour ever; and we will take care of you on each of your steps in Vietnam.
With years of professional experience in tourism industry, Venus Travel Hoi An has established a team of accomplished staffs available from the North to the South to bring you the highest levels of satisfaction. Our company's headquarter is located in Hoi An ancient town - one of the world's cultural heritages; so we have the opportunity to create close connections as well as to facilitate our caretaking duties for our customers.
If you love to travel and experience new and fresh things in Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact us via our email:…. Or Skype:…. Or phone number:…. We are sure that you will pay for the best.

We do
• Design attractive programs in accordance with your requirements. Each our itinerary is uniquely crafted with a collection of experiences to meet the needs and desires of each individual client. In order to do that, we need you help by consulting with us by answering by email or phone.
• Design itineraries with the respect the local culture and encourage you to meet and talk to local people.
• Design flexible itineraries.
• Try to prevent the extra payment as much as possible if travelers want to add new activity during their trip.
• Design the itineraries with low impact on natural resources.
• Supply factual, honest information and interpretation.
• Deal with complaints fairly, and will compensate if we are in error.
• Provide our working team with a good working environment and a salary.

We don’t
• Take you to shops and restaurants where they sell items and provide food of low quality for commission.
• Take you to shops, restaurants, zoos or attractions that deal in wildlife products or abuse wildlife.
• Take you to area where you may face the danger.
• Provide any information about drugs or other illegal activities against the local law and regulation.


•    Package tours in Viet Nam & Indochina 
•    Daily tours in Viet Nam 
•    Customized tours according to customers 
•    Accommodation booking such as resort, hotel, villa, homestay, ...
•    Adventure tours arround Central Highland 
•    High quality of transport services 
•    Local advice on travelling, shopping and eating .

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